Bob Johnson

You'll see from the galleries here that travel photography is a special passion.

I've been doing that since 1968, when posted to a NATO headquarters in Izmir, Turkey for service in the U.S. Army. That's where I bought my first SLR cameras, two Minolta 101s.

For years my only auto focus film camera is the Vectis S-1... received as a gift and not valued until the first travel trip in 1997 when the reduction in size and weight was much appreciated. The APS format had limitations (film choice, negative size if you want prints larger than 8x14, and slow aperture lenses) but used with 100 ISO film and a tripod when needed, this was my preferred travel kit unitl about spring 2010 ago when I purchased a Panasonic G1.

The G1 and lenses has similar size and weight advantages as the S-1 (to my surprise, it is lighter than the S-1) and a magnificent view finder if you don't mind waiting as it refreshes itself between shots. With an adapter, I use some old Minolta MC lenses while a collection of Lumix lenses grows. The G-1 does not often see service now as I've added a GF-! and then a GX-1.

I travel often in my work. A Contax Tix APS camera came with me for a few years. Probably the best lens on any APS camera. In 2009 I purchased a new but ancient in digital terms Contax Tvs Digital. Yes, I'm a bit fascinated by unusual cameras. The Tvs did yeoman service on a visit to Denmark in 2009 but the tiny LCD screen expired early in 2011. Since then I've stayed with the Panasonic and micro 4/3 format.

My personal favorite gallery here? The Albany Rural Cemetery.

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Enjoy the photos. Travel well. Photograph often!

Bob Johnson